Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Friday, September 25, 2015

Late September Already

September will be just a memory pretty soon.  In years past, I have been too eager for the coolness of fall, so I would almost wish September away, as it is still a very warm month.  Not this year!  I love September's warm days and cool nights.  Fall can wait. Well, not really, because it is now officially fall, but it still feels like summer.

Fall means band competitions every Saturday, all day long.  Home football games sprinkled here and there on Friday evenings.  Jeff and I are helping with preparing and serving the band kids lunch before their competitions. It is a good way to meet parents, too.  And only "mildly annoying" to our teen who likes not having us around all the time.  Haha.

Bike tours are big in the fall, too.  Jeff took the younger two kids on our favorite tour, but it was canceled after a delayed start because of rain.  Hopefully, the next one will be a go.  I have to skip the next one.  I fell and cannot ride for awhile.

Our garden boxes won't quit, despite being ignored.  Grace went out to pick a few cherry tomatoes and brought in a gigantic cucumber.  I promptly made refrigerator pickles, which my menfolk love.  It will probably be the last.  I said that a couple weeks ago, too.

We took Grace to Beef and Boards, a local dinner theater, for her belated 16th birthday present.  They serve a buffet dinner, which was lovely.  Then we saw the show, South Pacific.  Grandparents joined us, making the party extra special.

All too soon, we will have sweater weather.  The outdoor season will come to an end.  I like to think I will endure winter cheerfully, but it is always a struggle.


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Thursday, September 3, 2015

September Arrives

September has come in like a lion, with a full on heatwave and drought.  Thankfully, we can cool off inside our nice air conditioned house, what a luxury!  I am praying for rain, however.  Our world is quickly turning brown.

This week has been full.  We had lessons to make up from being off last Friday.  We have had our share of quizzes, tests, papers, projects, band rehearsals, and meetings. Friday is the next home game.  Yay!  Our musician has been asked to audition for two honor bands, one state, the other district, by the way.  (Hapy, happy!)

I think I am enjoying school a lot more this, our 4th week.  We are having successes and struggles, but they feel like growth, not something negative.   I am still vital to my kids' education in this setup.  Oh my, do they need my guidance!  But, I am more like their director, than teacher.  I like that.  I love how Grace can have a one on one with her Algebra teacher whenever it is needed.  I love how Trevor is doing more than the bare minimum to get by because he loves getting good grades.  

And, it really does not seem possible that it could be almost Labor Day weekend.

Friday, August 28, 2015

A "Snow" Day in August

Hello weekend!  Today we were blessed with a cyber snow day.  The kids' online school's server was down!! Unprecedented!! It affected quite a few schools across the country, in fact.  And you know what, it was just what we needed, this little breather day.

This ends the 3rd week of our online learning.  Overall, I am very happy with our decision.  There are compromises we made, like with any decision, however, they are minor compared to what we are getting in return.  The best part of online school is the teachers.  They are amazingly helpful and available.  My struggling student is getting one on one Algebra help.  The curriculum, while secular, is rigorous. I have never seen my kids work harder. They would never work that hard for me, ever.  Yet, I also love having them still at home where I can be a big part of their day.  They enjoy participating in online teaching sessions. They are super motivated by grades.  I can see they will have opportunities to grow as learners in this environment.

So today when the server was down, it was not hard to find meaningful ways to fill our time.  I saw glimpses of their homeschool background emerge. They turned on classical music, got out paints, and enjoyed some art time. They got out their independent reading books, and read.  They worked on their essays that will be due in a week.  They rode their bikes for PE.  And they watched Star Trek while making salad for dinner. All in all a great day!

I still feel a bit awkward about our decision to enroll them in an online school.  I am glad it is working out as I had hoped.  I know many people in the homeschool world would think I sold out.  I try not to worry about "them", whoever "they" are. Truth is, when it became evident that my kids needed something different, I put aside my desires, and found something that worked better for them.  All three of my kids are unique and have needed different things as they matured.  Having Ryan flourish in public high school was not my dream, but it is about him and what he needs.  And this online school is giving us a chance to keep on learning at home, just in a different format with a lot more help.  I have to get over my fear of man. The Lord is who I must please.  :)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Marching Band

Tonight is the night!  The band has been working so hard for this moment, the first football game of the season.  They have brand new uniforms and a brand new football field.  My darling husband is going to be working the concession stand.  I am going to be taking photos, using a better camera, I promise.  (These are horrible, I know.)

As I was watching them at rehearsal last night, my emotions welled up within me.  Here was my boy, on a field with 199 other kids, working like slaves for their beloved director.  How impressive they are!  It overwhelms me to think how blessed we are to have this opportunity.  He is living out his purpose, and is where he is supposed to be.  I feel it in my bones!  Thanks be to God.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Time for School

Trevor's art project. 

Soooooooooo.  School, the beast, is back in town.  It is all consuming, challenging, and demanding, but oh so good for us to be stretched.  I won't even talk about marching band.  That is another beast for another post.


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