Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fall Continues to Charm Us

Mowing in November?  Riding bikes, too?  This cannot be!  We are truly enjoying this fall weather.  I do believe it has been a rather marvelous fall here in Indiana.  This past week, we have enjoyed a couple trips to get apples from a local orchard.  Pink Ladies are my new favorite, a crisp sweet and tart apple.  Also, we were privileged to have Ryan participate in an all-district honor jazz band last Sunday.  He is going to audition for the all-state honor band as well.  The younger two are doing amazingly well in their new school with A averages.  I am very happy with their efforts.  Now it is time to start preparing for the holidays!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Good-bye October

October always ends with the celebration of our "baby" boy, who is now fourteen years old.  Amazing.  This year, we had two extended family parties and also made as much of his actual birthday as we could on a school day.

 And then there was Halloween a couple days later.

The weather was dry and not terribly cold, so we set up a fire on the driveway and greeted our neighbors as they came by with their kids.  We had almost 90 kids.  We do not celebrate Halloween.  We take this opportunity to be a light for Jesus on a dark night.  We show the love of Jesus, not hide inside on a night that our godless neighbors are out.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Winter Can Be Good, Too

The fall season is one of my most favorite seasons of the year.  Alas, it is also the shortest.  This year, the trees have seemed more brilliant than years past.  Must it be our super dry weather?  Anyhow, I have decided that I need to work on a list of things to look forward to about winter because it is coming and I dread it.

  • The holidays!!
  • Two family birthdays to celebrate.
  • Baking more often
  • Crock pot meals
  • No yard work
  • Kids will shovel the snow for me. 
  • No bugs.
  • More time for reading. 
  • Decaf coffee after dinner.
  • Our annual winter hike at Lake Michigan
  • My cats will suddenly like sitting on my lap. 
  • Seasonal allergies will be gone.
  • Get to wear comfy sweaters.
  • Watching movies under cozy blankets 
  • No humidity
  • School is half way done. 
  • Snow days!
  • Sledding
I am sure that there are many more things to enjoy about winter, and I am going to keep on looking for them. Life is a gift.  I do not want to waste time dreading any of it. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall Break 2015

For my birthday and our fall break, we headed up to see Grandma who lives in Northwestern Indiana.  We rented our favorite cabin and enjoyed some great walks, three apple orchards, an antique mall, and lots of family time. It is hard to believe that the next time we are up it will be winter, as we were blessed with wonderful weather, temperatures in the upper 70's even. Now it is time to finish the semester and prepare for the winter holiday season.  I will miss my lake!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

21 Years

Newly engaged

New bike seat


Sweetest cat ever 
Last week, we celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary.  We had to cancel our cabin plans, due to band. We ended up having a nice steak dinner just the two of us between band drop off and pick up times.  Jeff allowed me to get a new bike seat for our inside bike.  (Everyone has an inside bike, right?) It is going to help keep us active this winter.  Grace and Trevor completely cleaned the house while we were at dinner.  It was a great surprise.  They had also baked cookies and made us a card.  We are blessed to have such dear children.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Friday, September 25, 2015

Late September Already

September will be just a memory pretty soon.  In years past, I have been too eager for the coolness of fall, so I would almost wish September away, as it is still a very warm month.  Not this year!  I love September's warm days and cool nights.  Fall can wait. Well, not really, because it is now officially fall, but it still feels like summer.

Fall means band competitions every Saturday, all day long.  Home football games sprinkled here and there on Friday evenings.  Jeff and I are helping with preparing and serving the band kids lunch before their competitions. It is a good way to meet parents, too.  And only "mildly annoying" to our teen who likes not having us around all the time.  Haha.

Bike tours are big in the fall, too.  Jeff took the younger two kids on our favorite tour, but it was canceled after a delayed start because of rain.  Hopefully, the next one will be a go.  I have to skip the next one.  I fell and cannot ride for awhile.

Our garden boxes won't quit, despite being ignored.  Grace went out to pick a few cherry tomatoes and brought in a gigantic cucumber.  I promptly made refrigerator pickles, which my menfolk love.  It will probably be the last.  I said that a couple weeks ago, too.

We took Grace to Beef and Boards, a local dinner theater, for her belated 16th birthday present.  They serve a buffet dinner, which was lovely.  Then we saw the show, South Pacific.  Grandparents joined us, making the party extra special.

All too soon, we will have sweater weather.  The outdoor season will come to an end.  I like to think I will endure winter cheerfully, but it is always a struggle.



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