Monday, December 30, 2013

This Side of Christmas

Whew, I made it!  This Christmas season was one of our most quiet seasons ever and I have to say that made every moment more enjoyable.  We cut down on decorations, cookie baking, celebrations, just about every thing.  We also did not take a long break from our lessons.  We decided that since Jeff had to work, we'd work, too.  He had the actual holidays off, but not extra days like in the past.  It turned out for the best.  We are keeping on track and that makes me happy.

We are not doing a lot for  New Year either.  We will have a little sparkling grape juice, share a special meal at home, and stay up a little later, but not midnight, most likely.  On New Year's day we are going to finally have our Christmas ham.  We had so much other stuff on Christmas that we didn't need the ham. It will be just us, and that is fine.  I look forward to a quiet day.  Thursday and Friday will be work days, so a quiet New Year is what we need this year.

Happy New Year!!!

Christmas foodie


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