Saturday, January 11, 2014

Three Quick Months

It is really hard to believe we have been in our new home for three months.  Moving almost an hour south might seem not such a big deal, but it has had its adjustments.

Thankfully, we have been able to continue going to our church home of 17 years.  I don't really know how it will turn out in the end, though.  We can't continue week night activities after this year.  The traffic to church is terrible, making the trip difficult.  We have to leave home before 4 PM so we can get there by 6PM! We decided to make the best of things, so we now leave at 3PM, visit with grandparents and then go to church.

Sundays are totally fine.  The traffic is light.  We do pretty well, leaving at 7AM.  It would be nice if we went to a later service, but for now, Grace is working in the preshcool in the first service, Ryan working in the 5th grade in the second service.  And, if it snows or someone is sick, we can watch online.

I think our biggest need at the moment is that we need to make some friends close to home.  I feel as if we will never make friends if we don't find a church here.  Not that I want to leave our church completely. I am praying about finding a church near home for week night youth group.

We have adjusted our small group to meeting on Sunday afternoons.  It makes for a long day, but it works for now.  We tried having group down here at home, but with the traffic, it was impossible on a week night. We are going to give this a trial period.

We do have plans to have dinner with a family from church who lives close by.  They have been driving to church for 18 years.  They do go to AWANA and are in the band, so they make a rehearsal trip and have a very early Sunday morning.  It can be done.  Maybe they can give us some hints on how to make it work.

Today, we finally got our library cards. The library is not as grand as our previous library, but it is very nice, nicer than most libraries.  They have lots of programs.  I want to try one this Tuesday for teens.  Grace isn't too excited about it.  But the boys say they will try.  It's hard making new connections.  This is the stretching part for my kids.  It's good for them!

I have resigned from my bunco group.  I knew this would be part of the  deal.  Again it is the driving up north on a week night.  The traffic comes to a standstill for an hour or two.  It can double your time up there if you leave before 6:30.  Anyway, I need to give it up.  I will miss the ladies, but that's just part of life.

The distance is an issue and it isn't an issue.  It's all how you look at it.  I do love living here.  The people are friendly.  There is every convenience here that a person could want.   It will just take some time to make new friends, while keeping the old, of course.  :)


  1. Sounds like you are all adjusting fine. Praying you start connecting with people near your new home.

  2. Adjusting to anything new is hard. Hanging on to what is familiar ( church) will help. A library with a program for teens!? That's nice.

  3. Wow, I can't believe it's been 3 months already. I'm sure with the move and the holidays that it has been quite a challange. I totally understand, well, a little bit. Living out in the country up here means at least 1 hr. to almost anything fun or trendy, usually more like 1 1/2 hrs. My Jeff has some work meetings Mon, Tue, & Fri of this week and he will be driving in the cities during rush hour traffic which his is NOT looking forward to. I hope you find some great friends to connect with near home. It's hard to be involved in a church when you live so far & with traffic as it is. I'd love to find a fellowship that I like, but the drive is prohibitive for us. Best Wishes My Friend.

  4. Adjustment is so difficult sometimes. I'm sorry that you are struggling with the distance from other places you have called home. We STILL have not found a church home and we've lived her close to 10 years now. I sooo miss a fellowship that feels like family, but I know this season has had other plans and total reliance on the Father in the dark moments has been part of that plan.


  5. Oh, Jenn! I know from experience how hard that is! I pray you will get to know people in your new place and that the driving to church issue will be resolved one way or another. Blessings to you as you prepare for another early Sunday morning!

  6. ahhh for every season, and I think that even involves friendships.. Hang in there friend


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