Monday, February 10, 2014

Things Are Coming Together

Two huge answers to prayer have come our way lately.  The first has to do with finding local friends.  I have been praying for a way for my kids to meet other Christian kids in our area, something I thought would be very difficult since we don't plan on changing churches.  And God provided a way!

We had two separate families who live nearby that we have known for a long time tell us about a youth ministry that has blessed them and their children in our area.  And finally, the younger two kids went last Friday.  And they enjoyed going!  They said the other kids were welcoming and the message was right on. Ryan's age group meets on another day, and we were not able to get him to his group, but hope to one day soon.  This is such a huge blessing and perhaps another step towards settling in our new town.

In addition, I have been praying about what to do next fall with our church commitments.  We have been very active in our church for years and we don't want to change that totally.  But, I think I have a plan.

Right now on Sundays, Grace serves in the first service at 8 o'clock.  A few times this winter, it has been difficult to get to church that early as the highway is not cleared of snow until later.  So, we are going to sign her up to work in the Sunday school second hour next fall.

Ryan already works the second hour in 5th grade Sunday school.  He wants to stay there.

Trevor will be in the Jr. High during the second hour.

We are all going to drop out of AWANA, most likely.  This will be an unpopular decision, but frankly, we can't afford the gas.  It's $10 round trip.  And with the local youth group option, I think it will be less an issue.

We are going to switch to attending the third service at 11:40 on small group Sundays.  This way we won't leave the house at 7 AM and get home at 5PM twice a month as we are doing now.

For karate, which meets at our church, my dear husband is going to adjust his work schedule so that he can get off an hour early on karate nights.  He will be able to take the kids or we all go as a family, and the two of us have a date night.  :)

Community life is so important when you belong to a church, but if you live 33 miles away, it can be prohibitive and stressful.  With prayerful adjustments, I think we can make this work!


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    1. Makes me sad, too. I wish they had a high school AWANA down here.

  2. Sweet blessings abound! I am so happy to read that things are coming together and you've received answers to prayers. It sounds like you will start enjoying your new community.

  3. How wonderful that you are finding a place in your new community for your kids. It's hard to live far away from church (been there, done that) but if you can also have fellowship in your new community this will work out much better. I hope you'll keep on making it work. Perhaps your new community needs you to set up a high school AWANA, or aren't you that kind of a person? (I'm not.)

    1. I have thought about starting a high school AWANA except that it is usually part of a church and since we don't attend a church down here, it would be difficult. Plus, unfortunately, high schoolers are less and less interested in AWANA,even at our own church. We are a small group within the larger youth group in our church. It's sad that the majority of kids don't want to be in a Bible memory club.

  4. So glad you are getting connected. Perhaps you can find an awanas program closer to home? We have so many churches that participate in the program here. My kids sure enjoyed it. But it only goes up to 5th grade. I t

    1. Unfortunately, the AWANA programs around here stop at 6th grade. We are still praying about next year and AWANA. It will be hard to say no to my children. We may just have to endure the drive!

  5. I'm glad you are finding something that works for you. As long as you are open to the Lord and where He guides you, I'm sure it will all work out. :)

  6. I can relate...being here in rural WI with Bryan has shown me the challenges for Bryan in finding a group of college/career age singles. We've just started attending another church that the Lord connected us with, that has a "youth group" which is anyone from Jr. High on up if they're still single, LOL...and it seems like a good mix of all ages! But it is a 45 minute trip, so we wish it was closer, but that fellowship and the friendships are critical for him, and we just haven't been able to find it at the church in town we'd been attending. Sounds like you've found a good balance...hope it goes well for you! And sorry I haven't been by to visit in so long...I've been overwhelmed with busy out here!


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