Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Snapshots

Hello friends!

Summer school for oldest son started on June 9th.  Since then, our day has consisted of driving son to school at 7, coming home to some quiet morning study, morning chores, riding our bikes, playing games, reading, going back to get son at 12:30, coming home to eat lunch, exercising with son, doing a chore, reading some more, watch Adam 12 with daughter, then making dinner!  We have not varied from that routine much for the last few weeks.

I have to admit that I was dreading summer school, but it has turned out to be a great experience for him.  He has proven to himself that he is a good student.  He learned to ask for help.  He learned how to navigate a tricky computer interface.  He learned how to persevere when things were boring, but you have to be diligent and wade through what "they" want you to know.  He is looking forward to starting the fall semester on July 29th.

Starting school so early doesn't leave us a whole lot of time for summer, unfortunately.  We have family to visit, a birthday to celebrate, a camping trip up north, all to cram into a few weeks.  I will make sure to make the most of these precious days!!!


  1. "being diligent and wading through what they want you to know " will apply in college as well. Good that he is doing so very well. ( He had the best teachers in the world!) I love the shot of the comfy chair and all the books. Looks so inviting. I am impressed with your bike goals! Way to go.

  2. I am happy to hear that your son is doing so well with summer school! I agree that the early school start leaves little time for summer. School starts for my daughter July 31st.

    I hope you can make the most of what summer you do have!

  3. I must say, I love the cat "playing" a board game;)

  4. Enjoy your summer. It sounds like you're settled into a great routine. We've been walking and riding our bikes quite a bit this summer as well and really enjoying it. Happy Friday, Heather

  5. Sounds like you are enjoying your summer. Love the pictures, looks like fun. :)

  6. Sweet kitty photos, Jenn. :)

  7. I wanted to stop by and say, "hello"! Your summer break sounds like you have a good routine that proved to be beneficial to your family. We have lost our routine groove and need to start trying to work back into one.

    1. Hi!! I am glad you checked in. I went to your new blog. I do hope you get some rain soon. I hope you are having a wonderful summer!


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