Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer Wrap Up

 We are back from a great last camping trip before starting school.  We will still plan to go a couple more times.
 Grace bought herself a new guitar with her birthday money.  The house is alive with the sound of music!

My kitty is happy! 

Here we are in August!  We have started our homeschool year, on day 3 to be exact.  I always feel as if it is a big job to turn the tide from summer to school.  This year we have a 9th and 7th grader at home, and a 11th grader at public school.  

So far, the public schooler is doing very well.  Home scholars are also.  I am thankful for the good books we are digging into together.  This year we are studying the 20th century and classical literature.  

I miss my oldest quite a lot during the day.  Sometimes I watch his YouTube channel to hear his guitar playing.  However, I know I he is learning quite a lot and seems to be enjoying the opportunity.  I have been reaffirmed of our choice to homeschool, though.  The public schools are not very individualized.  

So, life is rolling along, and soon we will be back to our evening ministries.  I am not looking forward to the busy months ahead, but I know they are really short, because one day my kids will be gone and I will miss these busy days!  


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